Self-Control – How to create positive states of being?

projeção pensamento

We are in essence very positive and capable to be happy.  Our soul is full of potential. So, why do our minds carry non-productive thoughts and feelings? How do we change our state of being?

Part I – Understanding how it works

If you think about a lemon your mouth will start to salivate. Come on, try it for a few minutes. Your whole being will respond to that thought because you have connected yourself to the lemon. You have created a lemon state of being. It means that you connect yourself with the things that you think about, the bad and the good things. When you are watching bad news on TV or thinking about the hurt that was caused to you by someone, you are connecting yourself to that negative state. It’s all about connection! We need to change our connections. So, let’s work! Our focus here is in changing our inner attitude, the frequency of our thoughts, and the state of our minds to be better for ourselves. What I propose is that you can create the state of being that you want. If you are sad you can create a new state of joy or if you are anxious you can create a new state of calmness. You can pick the state of being that you want and throw away the negativity that anchors your true potential. I suggest here a very simple technique.

Part II – Action!

You can change your inner attitude connecting with things that are good for you like watching, listening and reading positive stuff. Look for what inspires you in a good way. If you need courage, read a comic book about heroes. If you need a quiet moment, do meditation. If you need joy, go to a playground or play with children. To elevate your energy you need positivity. Avoid bad news on TV, people who complain daily, sorrowful songs or environments that do not nurture you. Align yourself with what is productive for your happiness. Make better choices, make better connections!


Choose the state of being that you want and select positive texts that inspire you to feel that state. I have here an example based on creating a peaceful state of being. Read this affirmation about peace repeatedly until you feel peace or read it many times per day. The repetition makes you create short moments of connection with peace and it will change your state of being continuously. It’s simple, enjoy!


Peace flows through my heart, and blows through me as a zephyr.

Peace fills me like a fragrance.

Peace runs through me like rays.

Peace stabs the heart of noise and worries.

Peace burs through my disquietude.

Peace, like a globe of fire, expands and fills my omnipresence.

Peace, like an ocean, rolls on in all space.

Peace, like red blood, vitalizes the veins of my thoughts.

Peace, like a boundless aureole, encircles my body o infinity.

Peace-flames blow through the pores of my flesh, and through all space.

The perfume of peace flows over the gardens of blossoms.

The wine of peace runs perpetually through the winepress of all hearts.

Peace is the breath of stones, stars, and sages.

Peace is the ambrosial wine of Spirit flowing from the cask of silence,

Which I quaff with my countless mouths of atoms.

“Peace”, affirmation from the book Metaphysical Meditations written by Paramahansa Yogananda, master of Kriya Yoga.

Article by Ester Castruita, founder & teacher of Dharana Star


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