Meditation Made Easy – Part I

I always find people saying that meditation is not for them because their minds don’t stop, they are to busy or that it is too complicated.  Meditation is not difficult and most of the techniques are very simple.  Like the athlete needs to practice, the same is with the meditator.  So, think that meditation is your new sport and you will practice until you get good!  Anything worthwhile takes effort and mediation will change your life.

Step by step:

1.    What is meditation? A practice of introspection.

2.    Goal: to experience a higher level of consciousness feeling peace, happiness, love and power.

3.    Where? Find a quiet place.

4.    How long? First 7 days start with 5 min. Increase the time according to your development.

5.    How to meditate? Follow the posture and technique below.

Meditation posture

Peace technique:

1. Seat in meditation posture.

2. Mentally say peace and visualize each part of your body surrounded by a big ball of light (Note: one part of the body at a time): feet, knees, lower back, belly, heart, throat, third eye (midpoint between the eyebrows). Repeat it 5 times.

3. Concentrate in your third eye, visualize a ball of light and mentally say peace until you feel peace.

4. When finished just contemplate peace and enjoy being still.

technique peace

Written by Ester Castruita – Founder & Teacher of Dharana Star.

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